5# Black-oil Sunflower

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5.00 LBS
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Black-oil Sunflower is THE seed to use if you want to offer one and ONLY one seed in your feeders. Black-oil Sunflower is by far the closest to a universal crowd-pleaser AND a calorie & nutrient rich item to boot.

It is relatively inexpensive to boot, making it ideal for anyone on a tighter budget!

Offer sunflower in a tube, hopper, tray, or simply scatter on a windowsill or railing and the only question will be who DOESN'T show up asking for more! Sunflower can be served alone or in combination with any other seed, with suet pellets, or with freeze-dried mealworms for an easy all-in-one service at your birdy restaurant.


For a few more dollars, sunflower is available pre-shelled if you prefer a shell-free experience.