5# Fruit & Nut

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Fruit & Nut Blend is a higher-end blend that treats your birds and other backyard friends to a high quality buffet of easy fats, carbs, sugars, and starches to supplement their high metabolism, especially when the weather turns cold or sour.

Most everyone in your yard will find something to enjoy in this mix -- it includes a dizzying array of Cashew, Peanut splits, Safflower, hulled Pumpkin, Raisin, dried Cranberry, dried Cherry, as well as Striped AND Black-oil Sunflower (both shelled and unshelled).

Best served in a tray as the cashew pieces may be too large for the feeding ports on most tube feeders. This can also be sprinkled along a railing, windowsill, or other flat area as desired. Some hoppers can accommodate the larger size of these items, check the openings on yours if you are interested in mixing this blend into your current mix-- if your hopper can fit a peanut through its opening, it will be able to accommodate this blend.

Note: seed in a window feeder or windowsill does not contribute to window strikes, as birds coming to a feeder are slow or stopped when they arrive, rather than trying to fly "through" to the reflection on the other side.

(Heads up: though most elements in this blend are shelled, this is not a true no-mess blend).