Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets

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1.68 LBS
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Suet nuggets are an easy, inexpensive way to boost the proteins and fats available to wild birds, especially in winter.

Nuggets can be served in a stand-alone Nugget Feeder, or combined with most seed mixes in your current seed feeder(s) with no modification- just mix and go. (Nuggets will not dispense from Nyjer/finch feeders due to the small size of the feeding ports).

Rendered Beef suet combines with cornmeal, oats, peanuts, and soy oil to  deliver a high volume of easy calories needed for riding out cooler weather, and can supplement an insect-based diet for many birds in periods when insects are scarcer.

Resealable bag.

Special note: Hot Pepper nuggets include capsaicin oil, birds are not sensitive to it, but most squirrels are! (This also accounts for the reddish color of this 'flavor' of nugget).