5# Medium Chips, Hulled Sunflower

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Sunflower is the 'bread and butter' of the bird world, and this is 'no mess' on top of that! An easy way to offer a single-seed that nonetheless holds wide appeal to small and medium-sized birds. 

This is no-mess, sunflower-only, and sure to please anyone who can get their beaks on it! 

In addition to being mess-free, this mix has no peanuts or millet, this maximizes the interests of small and medium songbirds while reducing the attraction your feeder poses to pigeons, doves, jays, and woodpeckers. To appeal to a wider audience, serve in a hopper or scatter in a platform feeder; to limit service to smaller "tree birds", offer sunflower chips in a tube feeder which requires visitors to cling to mesh or a perch. 

These sunflower hearts are tumbled to provide a combination of whole and chipped seeds in any given bag.