Nutsie Large Seed Log

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5.00 LBS
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A granola bar for birds, this no Mess "Seed Cylinder" is a-traditional, self-contained feeder is a mixture of tree nuts, peanuts, sunflower, and dried fruit all bound together by (plain) gelatin. All seeds and nuts are pre-hulled.


Perfect for apartment balconies where someone else is living below you, or any other situation where it is desirable to keep dropped seed (even if no-mess) to an absolute minimum. Your visitors peck out what they want, and the rest remains for their next visit! All together very neat and tidy.

Place on a table, hang on a spike, or string it on a wire-- no matter how you serve it, these are a low-maintenance high-impact option. Hanging weather shields available separately.

Weight is 5lb, dimensions approximately 6"w x 7.5"h.


(Hanging Spike shown for illustrative purposes only)