5# Nyjer

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Nyjer is a small oil & calorie rich seed, a favorite of the many finches we see throughout the year in Denver. Most other bird species (and most squirrels!) will ignore Nyjer, so this is an easy way to offer finches their "own" space at a feeding station-- or avoid larger birds all together if you only want to draw in smaller birds.

Serve in a fine mesh feeder, tube feeder, or "finch sock" for best results.

Over the course of an average year, a well placed Nyjer feeder should attract some combination of: House Finch, American Goldfinch, Lesser Goldfinch, and Pine Siskin in the metro-area; and possibly Cassin's Finch or others if you are in the foothills. In an irruption year there may be others who only visit us rarely, so keep your eyes peeled!