5# Peanut Splits

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Peanuts are a substantial source of easy protein and calories for birds. They are a particular favorite of medium to large birds such as Northern Flicker and other woodpeckers, and Jays; and a handful of smaller omnivorous birds such as Chickadees, Bushtits, and Nuthatches.

Peanut splits can be served in any feeder that dispenses sunflower hearts or other bulky seed, a mesh feeder with larger openings, a platform feeder, placed on a railing or outdoor table, or almost any other a-traditional feeder. 

How you serve them will determine who you see eating them-- a perchless "mesh" feeder will principally service woodpeckers and smaller birds, while a tray or other flat surface will give preference to Jays and other corvids (and squirrels, if they can reach it!). Other feeder combinations will bring a mix of species looking for a quick & easy protein snack.