5# Peanuts in the Shell

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Peanuts in the Shell are an all-time favorite of all Jay, Crow, Raven, and Magpie species; and are not unattractive to other medium to large birds. Squirrels love them as well if you choose to make peanuts accessible to them.

In fall these are particularly popular with both Jays and Squirrels as the shell means the peanut is cache-able. So much so that all involved will sometimes put in an extra effort to fake hiding them in an effort to reduce inter-species theft. Often as not, they spend as much time robbing each other's caches as they do creating their own-- a backyard drama that can easily absorb you for an afternoon, especially if you are amenable to one or both species involved! Just be careful to ration the peanuts as even a small number of squirrels or jays can clean out 25 lbs if peanuts in just a few hours on any given day during peak caching season (roughly Labor Day to Thanksgiving).

Serve in a wreath protected from squirrels if you want to maximize service to your Jay or Magpie population, or use a baffled tray if you want to accommodate Crows or Ravens. Otherwise distribute on the ground or anywhere else squirrels can reach if you want to service any & everyone. (Alternatively, you can offer peanuts in a "chimney" or other bird-deterring feeder if you want ONLY squirrels to access them).